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Originally Posted by 2door View Post
Now this brings us to a discussion about breaking in from day one on Opti-2. I and many others have done it with great success. I know you've probably read that engine manufacturers warn against using a synthetic for break in saying that the rings will never seat properly. I have to disagree based on experience and yes there's going to be opposing view points on this with people posting quotes from manufacturers and experts but the facts speak for themselves. Properly tuned, an engine can be successfully broken in on synthetic oil.
Opti-2 is not a full synthetic oil.
it is a semi synthetic blend.

2door, that's very good advice in your post. A little on the cautious side
but there is nothing wrong with that.

Read about Opti's eutectic additives to understand why and how
Opti-2 and 4 works.
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