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Default Re: 100:1 Mix

We have these same discussions regarding oil mix over in the RC forums as well. I run my gas powered 32:1 using Lawn Boy ashless oil most of the time and I fly with guys that use the Amsoil 100:1 with the same success. I also mix my own Nitro fuel and I use Klotz 80%synthetic 20%castor as my base oil. When I buy commercial nitro fuel I use Cool Power which is 100% synthetic. I am also an RC flying instructor and new people will ask me all the time what oil to use in a gasser or what nitro fuel to use in a nitro powered 2 stroke? My answer is always start out with a fuel and mix that is newbie friendly.

Castor oil has a much higher flash/burn temp then synthetic and thus can save a newbie's engine if he plays around with the needles and gets to lean. Once the new guy is comfortable tuning...then I suggest a switch over to full synthetic or partial because it is a much cleaner mix to use and has some performance advantages. I suggest the same for gas/oil mixes. I would not feel comfortable telling a guy who has never tuned an engine to go right to 100:1 mix, but if you are experienced with tuning engines and be sure to stay away from a lean setting....well I know many flyers who are perfectly content to run Amsoil 100:1. I run the Lawnboy mix 32:1 because I use the same fuel in my RC airplanes/weedeater/2 stroke generator and my motorized bicycle and sometimes I will even dump some that has set around awhile in my boat/outboard that I normally mix 50:1.

I guess my opinion is use what you are comfortable using. If you know your tuning experience is next to none....then use a mix that is a bit forgiving until you gain some tuning experience would be my 2 cents.
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