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Originally Posted by 2door View Post
I love the smell of Castor in the morning. It smells like...

BTW, I'm a firm believer that opti-lube is a reputable company. I use their XPD product which costs amost $50/gallon to product the high pressure fuel pumps on both of my diesels. Testing of this product verified it improves diesel fuel lubricity better than other methods. Just not sure about their 2 stroke product.

I did run one of my bikes about 13 miles with very little or no oil a couple of weekends ago when I ran out of gas and my small bottle of 2 stroke oil mix leaked out of my bag. The gas station only sold quart size bottles of 2 stroke and motor oil and I didn't want to buy such a large amount. I took it easy and feel the residiual dry castor oil film protected my engine on the ride home. Only time will tell if I did any permament damage.

2 door, what was your final verdict with this product. I respect your opinion and would like to save myself from reading 66 pages of posts.

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