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Default Getting it put together the motorized bicycle, Measure Twice

Hello bout year later, but better than never, intro!

Briggs 3hp reconditioned 80's Era to go on 1960's 26inch era JC Penny frame with welding done to mount some parts.

Fixing shims necessary now to my washing machine pulley type rear hub attached to spokes drive.

Last time bending the 4 tabs on washing machine pulley made it such no shimming was necessary.

I just had this time around a different style washing machine pulley. Since I last made a motor bike the same way years ago, as far as the rear drive hub goes, the washing machine pulley now has the 4 tabs with a 90 degree ridge in them.

I just could not bend them. If I filed the ridge off, OK maybe.

The way the washing machine v-belt pulley go on uses wood pieces sandwiching the washing machine pulley tabs to the spokes.

Until recent I had not tightened them all down for the stress that riding it would require.

Then I saw a wobble side to side in the washing machine pulley. I’m now shimming this sandwich to have the pulley not distort.

Jackshaft and mini bike clutch to the v belt to go to the large washing machine pulley in the back hub.

Video on Viemo with link at Viemo Video to Flickr still pics of the assembly.

Measure Twice

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