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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

What a thread.

I added the turn signal/horn/brake light unit I bought for the bike today.

The recently added seat-post mounted "book rack" has a licence plate end and since the turn signal unit expects to be seat-post mounted I picked up some Velcro and attached the light unit with Velcro. ( Industrial size is wide ) to the end of the book rack. Not exactly the best looking mount and I'm not sure what the final configuration will be right now. I'll be giving it some thought.

I can post pictures and take suggestions if there is interest.

So far the Main flaw is that switching to left or right turn signal and back to off can be awkward because the switch doesn't have a solid "click" for center.
The horn is reasonable but not the road rage device I have heard about. Some sort of compressed air horn. ( I want to reward those pass only to make a slow and careful right turn in front of me as I approach @26mph after they hurriedly pass me to do so ) Got to ask what the **** people are thinking when they speed around only to cut a bicycle off in traffic.

I'd like a different style on the turn signal. Maybe a larger Arrow display but it's good to have some sort of an indicator and the brake light is especially nice in principle. Could be larger IMO.
There is a spring switch that can be placed in several locations according to the supplied instructions.
Simply put the switch where the brake cable is pulled to brake, feed the cable through the switch and a set screw locks one end to the cable so when the brake cable is pulled it squeezes the switch and turns on all three LED's on the brake light. There will be a single LED lit if I switch on the tail light.

In short, any sort of safety device is welcomed.

Positives. It's not too expensive. If it can handle the wet okay then it offers 8 horns including one that sounds like a truck backing up beep-beep. It uses two AA's and Installation is reasonable for average people. It offers a signalling to those behind us at night.

Negatives. Mounting options are limited and device body style could be improved for other mounting options. The left turn right turn switch could be much more ergonomically designed. The display unit itself could sport large Right/Left pointing arrows since many will not expect brake and turn signals on a bicycle and they could use the visual aid to aid in informing drivers.

What I am now considering is the front light(s). I do want something nice yet not so easy to remove.
The story of how I paid $50 or so a piece for two of the then new Cat-Eye front lights for a previous bike some years ago and how the Cat-eyes obviously became someone's flash-lights makes me wonder just how smart some petty thieves are.
I mean take the time to steal nice bike lights I can understand but leaving the mounting clamps on the handle bar is dumb.
I worry that to take the stop light they will cut wires and leave the controller mounted to the handle bars.

Time to research front lights. I do enjoy a brightly lit road at night.

I'll more than likely add some wire to the length of the brake/turn unit so I can route the wires more to the path of the frame.
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