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Default Re: Dounuts an burnouts in the living room

My buddy Rob was a landlord in Mansfield. He almost bought a house off another landlord he knew. We were looking it over and I got to hear the history:

Apparently the former renter was a young lady who'd broken up with her boyfriend and moved in there. He found out where she lived and, one night, he rode his big Honda Cruiser out there. Only the front screen door was closed (hot evening, no AC) so, in his wisdom and after a few beers, decides he's gonna ride that bike right through the front door. Except he never bothered to scope out the floor plan. The living room in this house is off to the right. Straight ahead is the basement door. And the latch never worked on it. The man rode on in and, being drunk, was unable to make the hard right into the living room. Instead, he took a harrowing ride down the basement stairs where he knocked himself out down there. He wound up in Mansfield General, then jail. She didn't want him finding her again so she moved out.

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