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Default Yong Xing

I bought a 50cc kit from this Chinese co. which includes a muffler and pull start.

My problem is I have a very rudimentary knowledge of mechanics and an even more rudimentary knowledge of interpreting Chinese English into English English. eg Having worked out I needed to remove a cover to fit the chain I then discovered the chain was too big to fit on the sprocket, so I e-mailed the question and received the reply. 'Hi friend. Remove the cover.' I solved it by breaking the chain on the master link.

There was no advice on how to fit the throttle cable and nor the clutch cable. What it fits to and how it operates. So I asked them. This time the reply was. 'Hi friend. We can replace cable for 25 USD.' (I'm English BTW). This and a few other problems not covered by their scant instructions has left me in a bit of a quandry.

Is there anyone on here who has successfully fitted one of these beasts and if so can I pick your brains please?

Thank you in anticipation.

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