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Default Re: Staton Robin Subaru crank shift kit

Originally Posted by MaxPower View Post
Pictures as promised. First impressions: The 33cc engine is quite weeny. I'm used to my 80cc harbor freight engine. I only have 2.5 hrs on it so maybe the it needs to be broken in. I haven't pushed it hard yet but I've been up to 20mph. The transmission is making a lot of noise. Sort of a wining grinding noise. It's most likely getting broken in too. Can anyone else confirm this? Will it quite down after some time? I'm very impressed with the one pull starting of this motor. It's also easy to pull and I can start it while siting on the bike. The gas tank is small and I only got about 20 miles in my first tank. I'm going to get a fuel bottle for reserve. Shifting is quite easy if do it right. Let up on the throttle, shift, and slowly increase throttle. If you shift too soon however, you will get a jolt and could possibly brake something. Maybe it could fix my wobble.
Excellent job Max, you have more accessories on that bike than many motorcycles that I have owned!

You did a great job of centering the gearbox directly over the rear wheel, much better than I did.

Yes the 33cc is small but bullet proof reliable, starts everytime all the time. Owning one of these is like owning a multi-speed tractor trailer with alot of gears, you keep shifting thru all the gears until you get to the rpm that you want to motor/pedal at, there is a gear for all occasions whether it is mountain climbing or cruising along the flats.

Gearbox whine does not go away because of the use of straight cut gears as opposed to bevelled gears..........its a cost thing, although Staton says his new 16 to 1 gearbox, straight cut gears also, is alot quieter, I believe because the gear speeds are reduced due to the ratio difference between reduction and drive gears.........maybe some other person with the new gearbox can confirm this................Don

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