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Default Re: Cranbrooke 1st Build

Hi, i have built between 15 and 20 cranbrooks...they make great motorbikes, but listen to 2 door, lose the rubber in your motor mounts, other than that your mounts look great make some new fender brackets , i 1/8 th or 3/16 th angle iron about a half inch wide... remove all chain guards ...or just wait a week or two and they remove themselves chop that rear fender off a couple inches in front of the new angle iron bracket..... i have also built about a half dozen dept. store schwinns... the wheels are just not up to motorized bicycle duty...had to replace 2 already... your bike looks great btw.... the china engine kits get alot of blame for their quality, but if done properly they are great, 99% of the failures i read about on here i would say is because of poor instalation not the engine kits...make damn sure your rear sprocket is centered...and i mean dead nuts centered not just close,and use the rubber that comes with the kit it helps dampen the torsional vibration between the engine and rear hub. like 2door said, lose the rubber in the motor mounts... i have over 2000 trouble free miles on my bike now and about 35 to 40 happy customers David, Atomicmotorbikes, Fresno CA.
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