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Default Re: Chain Tensioner - Sick bike parts .com

I honestly couldn't tell you. I don't use my chain guard, ever. See, I know it's meant to prevent clothing and stuff from getting jammed into your chain, and it's also to save your leg should the chain snap, however, in my personal experience, the chain guard would have killed me if I had used it on a number of occasions. Just recently, with this new beach cruiser and 80cc chrome kit from boygofast, and also just after installing the spring loaded tensioner, I was riding at like 40km/h, in the turning lane, with cars to the right, behind, and oncoming. (I was in middle of road on the yellow line approaching a downhill left hand turn) I installed my master link clip in the wrong direction, and forgot to correct it, because of my own wrong installation, at that moment, the clip was kicked off by the new chain tensioner, and my chain came apart, jamming in the engine sprocket, stopping the engine instantly. Because the chain guard was not on, and the chain broke at the top, the chain was able to pop off of the rear sprocket, and I just coasted safely. If the chain guard was on, it would have kept the chain on the sprocket by providing something to hit/bounce off of, and my rear wheel would have locked. I would have been seriously hurt, if not killed. I got very lucky, it's amazing how the smallest little error, or factor, can make or break your life on these bikes. Ride safe guys!
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