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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

I went for a 40km ride up into the hills near my house. This motor just keeps getting better, powering up sections I had to pedal assist before. Only 250 kms on it, so some more improvements to come I hope.

Changed the plug from B5 to NGK B6HS, I didn't notice much difference, but cooler should be better. Old plug looked a little grey, so I will check the new plug and maybe adjust the needle clip up a notch.

Clutch was a bit grabby after my last ride, so I tightened the cable a little, and it works great again.

I feel damn lucky, all the problems I read about the chinese 2strokes, and mine just keeps working a treat, getting faster every ride, it even sounds like its gained an extra 500 rpm with the motor loosening up. Happy days
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