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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by yodar View Post
There are 1 quart steel fuel cans out there which i carry for such occasions.

I hadda buy some pre-mixed fuel at SEARS/K-Mart (which is a lousy motorbike fuel, used it up as fast as I could to empty the can) which I filled with my own proven Amsoil-Gas mix

Back when I ran 2-strokes, I didn't have a problem with fuel. I had dual gallon tanks, and I checked everything before every ride out of necessity. But I don't run 2-strokes anymore.

You quoted an older post of mine - I've run out of fuel 3x since then! As smooth as the 4-strokes are, they don't shake stuff loose and are almost so reliable that they are boring. Nothing to tinker with anymore! A quick squeeze of the tires and a shake of each wheel is pretty much it. I have a 1.25 gallon fuel tank and average about 120mpg. Those 120 miles come quicker than I usually realize! Now I set my trip meter to zero at every fillup and hit up the gas station when it says I've gone 100 miles. Haven't run out of fuel since.


I did some work on "Alehauler III" today. My motor mount blocks, custom Manic Mechanic sprocket adapter, and V-brake adapter came in. I removed the rear rack and test-fitted the motor mount. Looks like my HF 2.5 is going to be a tighter fit than I previously thought. Ugh. I still need some hardware, a sprocket, and a throttle. Also have to remove spring from springer, flip bars, and install some more stuff. I'm cutting it close for Willow Springs!
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