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Default Re: Very FIRST Build. Anything im missing? (PICS)

Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
I've no idea if anyone's tried that EFI system on a motor in the 50cc range, I can't say I'd think it worth it w/one of the HT kits TBH. I was looking into supercharging a 50cc four stroke at the time, but scrapped the idea & went another route... Still interesting stuff tho: supercharging
Ya that's pretty insane that its even possibly to supercharge such a small engine. That's way to much for me to jump into with my level of experience lol. Also can I ask what route you ended up chosing instead?

Originally Posted by bigbutterbean View Post
Bmoney, you never mentioned where you are from.
I'm from sterling, Massachusetts.

Originally Posted by ratrod View Post
I have that engine kit and its awsome....Lots of Power...yes the carbie did bogg down at full thottle up until about 550km then it has opened up as the engine run in....the bike did shake and carry on for that period but i can tell you it is smooth and responsive with that carb now.....also i think the expansion chamber i fitted has opened up the carb alot like a match.
I'm glad to hear some good feed back for the kit! How many miles have you gotten out of yours so far? Also have you had to fix or replace anything on it that wouldn't be considered regular maintenance? I may end up trying out the v2 carb.. it all depends on if I'm feeling lazy or not lol.
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