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Default Re: My First Build...

Nope... not finished... Not even begun! I got my kit on friday 8.22 and eagerly tore into the package to inventory the parts and everything is there except the ever important "rear Drive Sprocket"!!! I couldn't believe it, Leave it to the INFAMOUS "boygofast"!!!

I e-mailed and left a voice message on 8.23, but I'm not holding out much hope for customer service... especially after reading the relatively few negative feedback comments on his Ebay account. Seems to really lack in the "service" area. I bought from him because of the price and I figured the enormous numbers of happy feedback out-weighed the seemingly few negatives, but we'll see!

So as I await some kind of resolution from this guy, I'm assembling my build essentials. Now it seems I'll have to add a rear sprocket to that list!

I'll keep posted...
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