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Default Re: New Ford Engine

its not a urban legend as some suggest , i saw Mr Ogle on the tv driving his car in the 70's , you had to get it up to speed , then flip the switch to cut the evaporator and the water injector on , and it would hold its speed , to accelerate you had to flip it off and go back to the carb ...and i remember him saying it got 60 MPG average ...

here is a article ...

Fast forward to the 1970s, and the first of the gasoline shortages. In El Paso, young inventor Tom Ogle claimed that he got over 100 mpg in his “Oglemobile”, a Ford V8 equipped with his fuel vaporizing system. Articles in the El Paso Times reported on his invention including test drives of the Oglemobile. It also reported that a Shell Oil Co. representative asked him what he would do if someone offered him a very large sum of money -- reportedly $25 million. He said he wasn't interested and was going to bring his invention to market. Unfortunately, shortly afterward Mr. Ogle died. Reportedly he succumbed, either from a drug and/or alcohol overdose.
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