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Default Re: Iphone/Android?blackberry?

I have the Droid X and i use the firefox browser. I have the Opera browser, and Skyfire browser too. I have yet to really figure out which is faster and better overall. Opera has definitely gotten alot smoother, and work way better than say a year ago. lol The default android browser just seemed way slower even though they say its the latest version. I get on the forum thru my phone quite a bit. Sometimes it takes 2-3 taps to hit buttons in the forum, i usually just zoom way in till the button is rather big on the screen and then press it, and it works. lol Overall Android is cool!!!! Their facebooks has a lonnnnnnnngggggggggggg way to go though. Still lots of bugs. My phone has a cool down program builtin cuz around the speaker, it get really warm to the touch. Im constantly using the task killer that came with it and it helps, but they just start again. It gets annoying. All these apps use up my battery quick even though i hardly use any apps. They constantly run in the background. Watch out for any app that is from China or Japan. Lots of apps are coming from that area, and they are infected. Android is taking apps off their market by the dozens cuz those are infected. For a security app, download Lookout. Its free and its the #1 security app for android, windows, and blackberrry phones, possibly others. It has been a life saver finding my phone. You can tell it to scream, wipe all data, and locate all done from any computer. When u download the app, register on their and anytime u tell it to locate, it send u an email with a map showing the exact location. Within like 24 meters. Also, another tip, using the 3g or 4g on your phone uses less battery power than using wifi. Wifi drains your battery quicker. All apps will usually eat away at your battery power really 30 minutes youll have 15%. lol
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