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Default Hello from Korea

Hello, I finished my motorized bicycle a few weeks ago and been running around with lots of problems; however a lot of them have been resolved thanks to you guys.
I'm originally from California, but in Korea on military orders. Since I am not allowed to own a car over here a motorized bicycle has been great. But my biggest issue is there are no hardware stores in Korea, so I have to order everything online, and kingsmotorbikes lags it with APO shipping (1 month 4 days for my engine to arrive, and itís been 4 weeks for a universal adapter that still has not yet made it. Anyone know which websites take pride in their shipping? I know I can order anything off Amazon and it will be here in under a week, as well as having my family send me goodies through USPS takes less than a week.

Well thanks again for all your advice throughout the forums, even though I don't understand a lot of parts because I am completely new to the MB.
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