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Default Re: How Do I Install An Oil Dispenser Inside A Gas Tank

Thank you for your simple solution. However, I want it simpler, almost automatic. I've always had a two-gallon gas can handy at home. Pour oil into container, drive to gas station, fill container, return home, fill the bike's four-liter tank. However, nowadays, I don't like to keep gas at home. I live in a walkup apartment. The fillups at home are too messy. My bike is such a regular commuter that I like gassing up at any service station. If I run outa gas in town, I simply pedal to the nearest station and fill up the tank.

BTW, my fuel tank sits atop the rear rack.

No, I will not consider swapping in a 4-stroke engine onto my bike.

I carry an 18-oz. aluminum fuel cylinder in the bike's bottle cage. I COULD carry 1.875 oz of oil in this container. At the gas station, I could partially fill this container, mix thoroughly, then pour it into the tank while pumping gas. This would make for a better mix, instead of pouring oil straight into the HT fuel tank.

This is a good alternative, unless someone else has a better method of a passive oil dispenser. I'm looking for an idea where there's very little chance of spilling oil or fuel.

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