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Default Re: Very FIRST Build. Anything im missing? (PICS)

The "boost bottle" debate has been raging on forever... my thought being if it's that "debatable" then it's prolly a placebo effect/inadvertently repaired intake leak or w/e... still, do a quick search to see the debates fer yerself lol

Ya mentioned the NOS "kits" then pulled an edit heh, still here's mine babble as I'd typed it anyway

The cheap nitrous kits offered for these engines are really just toys, yes - they do provide a brief, marginal increase in power, but it's uncontrolled & unsustainable, nothing like a real NOS system.

It's a "dry injection" system with nothing but a port in the stock intake manifold - the problems with this is not only is there no corresponding increase of fuel, but as the port is after the carburetor it displaces the fuel/air charge and causes a lean condition as well as reducing the gain you'd normally have. Real "wet injection" systems have variable fuel injection to prevent this, but now we're talkin' "real" money too lol ...I seem to remember seeing a fuel injection system & wet NOS conversion applicable for the 50cc range somewhere, prolly pitbike stuff (around $600 for the whole kit)... can't find the link ATM but here's just a fuel injection conversion system to give you an idea (dunno if small e'nuff for our stuff): MBE Motorsports inc. : 2 Stroke EFI Conversion Kit [ECO1C2T] - $359.89USD

So yea, you can use one of the lil cheap NOS kits for a bit of fun - but don't expect much and yea, you can harm the motor from a lean condition... I s'pose you could try putting the injector before the venturi to help provide some fuel (like inside the air filter), mebbe run the carby a bit rich if yer planning on using the NOS a bunch. The cartridges themselves are actually for recharging whipped cream dispensers BTW...
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