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Default Re: Very FIRST Build. Anything im missing? (PICS)

Hope ya get back riding soon, the withdrawal symptoms can be terrible lol

Figured I'd mention my favorite mirror, I originally thought it'd only be "good enough" till I found something better, but years & thousands of miles have passed and I'm lovin' it!

It's reversible so ya can have two matching if ya want and folds in for narrow doorways/hitting something, ofc there's some "blurring" while the engine is screaming, but ya can defo still see what's goin' on. Despite being obv made of glass & plastic, I've still not managed to break it & I clip doorways, tree branches & the occasional coworker all the time o.O

Great... I jus' jinxed myself didn't I? >.<

Bikeman: Mirrycle Mountain Handlebar Mirror

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