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Default Re: Very FIRST Build. Anything im missing? (PICS)

Thanks for the quick responses guys..
eyeballing the gas/oil mixture is what caused the seizure of my first engine(lesson learned on that one lol).. I know I could have bought a replacment engine only for cheaper but I wanted to be safe and have the extra parts so I got a whole nother kit. Here's the exact one I bought..

Grubee Race 80/66cc Silver SkyHawk Angle Fire Bicycle Engine Kit

also your right about the mirror butterbean. I used it for a day and couldn't see anything out of it lol. Then my bike tipped over and it snapped anyways lmao. As far as the speedo goes. I did a speed check with my moped and its accurate within 3mph which is good enough for me..

I'm also going to go with my old carb and make it a lot easier on my self..

My new kit should be here next Tuesday so ill post pics when she's up and running again.

Thanks for the support everyone!
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