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Default Re: How Do I Install An Oil Dispenser Inside A Gas Tank

Originally Posted by dmb View Post
before oil injection yamaha's had a little upside down cup on the gas cap. you would fill the cup for every gal of gas. them were the old 20-1 days. now days with up to 100-1 you would have a pretty small cup! oil syringe's are popular now too [ya gotta carry oil why not in the syringe.
Two reasons why I want an oil dispenser in the tank:

First, I need three hands and a leg to brace my bike, pump the nozzle and pour the oil intermittently into the tank.

Second, syringes are messy, especially after use. I reuse the 2.56 oz. oil container, but I need to dig it outa my backpack. I always worry about spilling/overflowing gas and tipping the bike over, while monitoring the gas pump and small HT tank. I also worry about the plastic oil container breaking inside the backpack, contaminating everything.

What I envision is a small built-in container, or one mounted externally with a screw-on cap and a petcock. It could be filled a few days before. When fillup time arrives, simply lift gas cap, insert pump nozzle, turn on petcock. When finished, shut petcock, replace cap. Refill oil dispenser anytime before the next fillup.

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