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Smile Re: 80/69 CC Take off speed

Originally Posted by Ritchie View Post
Thanks for the replies. I'm hoping my engine just needs to be run-in a little more.

Unless you put a very large sprocket like a 50T or bigger, always peddle up to 5-8 mph before releasing the clutch and then hit the gas and off you go, the faster you peddle the less likely you are to slip the clutch and the less you slip the clutch the longer it will last, the China clutch pucks are not that durable if you slip the clutch a lot, so just peddle up to a comfortable speed let that clutch out easy then apply the throttle and you will get lots of miles from your clutch.

be sure to do some reading in the performance threads so as you get the engine broke in you will know how to fine tune it for the best performance, many of us here will be more than glad to help you understand what you should do and how you should do it.....

Best wishes fellow MB,er


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