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Default How Do I Install An Oil Dispenser Inside A Gas Tank


I've been filling my four-liter Happy Time fuel tank at the gas station. Pour two quarts fuel in, pour oil, then fill up with gas. Sometimes, I need three hands to do this, and always worry about spilling oil or overfilling.

I'm thinking of devising a measured container below the neck of the fuel tank. That way, I can just pour the oil into the tank without pre-measuring. Then the gas pouring into that measured oil container will ensure a very good oil/fuel mix. I always worry about a poor mix. On my first attempt to fill my tank. I forgot to shut the petcock and poured the oil in first. The oil flowed directly into the large FRAM automobile-type fuel filter. When I started the engine, it fouled and died within seconds. To resolve the issue, I had to plug the gas cap and turn the bike upside-down. This allowed the oil to flow back into the petcock and tank. After closing the valve, I flipped the bike over and stirred the fuel mixture with a pair of chopsticks. Minutes later, the bike's engine cleared up and I rode home. Since the oil/fuel mix was probably way off, I drained the gas and mixed another tankful.

So, to keep this from happening again, I'd like to have a 1.875 ounce cup below the tank's neck. I've noticed that it's too messy to fill four quarts into the fuel tank, so I'll pump in three quarts instead. That 1.875 ounce receptacle is perfect for 50:1 oil/fuel mix. When running an engine using a 25:1 mixture, I simply fill the oil cup twice. If situated directly under the gas cap, oil/fuel mix will be excellent. Besides, the cup will also keep gas from sloshing out the gas cap's vent(I've also been having slosh problems).

Anyone ever thought of installing a measured oil cap in their fuel tank?

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