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Default Re: 49cc head gasket, torque?

The manual misses that part, at least in every one I've read.

To answer your question on torque and not a WAG.. here are the recommend torque. I got these online using steel studs in aluminum. Have never blown a gasket in 5 engines, have never stripped a stud hole or stud.

8mm torques to 150 to 204 INCH POUNDS
6mm torques to 50 to 60 INCH POUNDS.
Some engines use a 6mm head studs, I have one.

Most likely the head wasn't torqued to those specifications from the factory. If not use the head gasket and torque to above. I have used head gaskets more then once without leaking. Before you install the head, mill it. I have NEVER seen a true head. Using a piece of glass and 280 sand paper, sand gasket surface. Only remove what is necessary. The sanded surfaces will stick out apart from non sanded surfaces.
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