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Default Re: 49cc head gasket, torque?

Your manual should say what to torque the head bolts to. Honestly, I never used a torque wrench to tighten my head bolts, and I never had a problem. What I did was go in an x pattern and tighten each one a little at a time, repeating the same pattern until all four bolts were as tight as they would go. You will find when you torque them that they won't go past the recommended amount of torque anyway. I know that from the one time I did use a torque wrench. Just loosen all of them, and with your fingers, tighten them until they just touch the head. After that, use a socket wrench and repeat the x pattern. The gasket is reusable. If you want, you can replace it with the spare that came in the kit, but the one that's on it should be fine.
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