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Default Re: Hey im new..need some help finding engine!

Just my 2 cents, I bought an 80cc from boygofast and haven't had any problems with it.I think my total came to $164 delivered. ( I know its not actually 80cc ) As for the bit about staying 49cc to be legal, just say its 49cc and don't go roaring past a cop over 25mph. You could even metal stamp 49cc on the case. Now my advise on the motorised bike,if you are not mechanically inclined,why not find a good used moped,these little bikes are far from reliable for those who don't like to tinker and accept breakdowns. Chains coming off,tires not holding up,studs coming out,brakes lacking stopping power,etc. Don't get me wrong, they are fun,but not if you aren't prepared to accept the limitations. I will likely get alot of nasty letters for saying this,but lets be honest. These are great for the right people and a disaster for people looking for low maintenance.There I said it, let the attacks begin, I've got broad shoulders and thick skin,so I can take it.
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