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Default Re: Huffy Good Vibrations Cruiser mod

dax's gt50r racing motor with a rear rackmount and chaindrive kit and a 36t sprocket will get you past 40, I have a set up like that and it flies, however, I must say, when I got into the motorized bike scene, all I wanted to do was go faster, But you really dont know how scary it can be going that fast on a bike. Not many things scare me, but going 45 on my gt50r bike with the front wheel dancing all around, it realy is enough to give you white hair, the "fun band" for these bikes is in the 30-35mph range I would say. If you really really want to go that fast on a bike, make sure you get something a whole lot better then that huffy, I have got over 20 huffy builds under my belt and let me tell you, that bike will fall apart at those speeds.
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