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Default Re: Tips for the newer members

Glossary of frequently used abbreviations on
Internet Slang Dictionary & Translator
Check spelling with tinySpell: a tiny portable free spell checker
More search help : Google search basics - Web Search Help

Some handy links

edit: oh right lol, forgot the most important tip - if you feel harassed and/or dealing w/someone who's jus' being harshly argumentative, send them a PM (private message) instead as it's amazing how often it's something than can be worked out w/o an audience of thousands...

If they're particularly rude, don't even bother trying to reply as you're jus' "feeding the troll" - the staff has yer back, just report them (PM, thread or post) by clicking this icon found in the upper right hand corner of the post in question - which will send the quoted text w/yer comment to all staff simultaneously... and it really does "help us to help you"

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