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Default Hello All

My path to this forum started by looking at my local Craig’s List for a cheap used moped or scooter. Then on to ebay, then Youtube and finally Google brought me here. I was instantly hooked. When I was a kid in the sixties and there was toy called the Mattel V-rroom Bicycle Engine. It was a plastic motorcycle engine that you mounted to the frame of your bike. It didn’t do anything other than look cool and make revving sounds. I always wanted one. This is so much better.

I am at the very early stages figuring what I want to build, but of course dove in head first by buying a mid sixties Huffy at a garage sale today. It was dirt cheap and I am hoping will prove suitable. My commute to work is ridiculously short; less than 2 miles and I think I am going to try for the early motorcycle look with a mid engine for my build. I’ve got two medium hills on the route and a few extra pounds to transport so I’m leaning toward the 70cc two stoke. In addition, hope to pull this off with as little cash outlay as possible. Yeah, I know.

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