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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

At about 8.30 I got my GT5.
Install went pretty smooth. A lot of stuff I didn't have to deal with. My custom exhaust from the last build, chain length was right, tensioner works, already had sprocket on, handle controls are there... Pretty much just slap the engine on and go.

Only issue was the exhaust stud on the right side of the bike stripped, the annoying one to access. grumble. I think I still have some 6mm rod...
When it was nice and dark out, I had it running.
Fired right up on the very first kick of the pedal. Let it idle a bit, then took it for a short ride up the hill and back down to my garage. Runs pretty well. I'll put some miles on it tomorrow. Hopefully break it in enough I can crack the throttle open a bit and see how the motor does!
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