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Default Re: Huffy Good Vibrations Cruiser mod

I purchased a 66cc slant head motor from a plave called T4B motorsports and Im very happy with the kits quality and completeness, and with your budget you could quite easily do a similar kit along with some great modifications to up your speed and safety. You are on the right track by joining this forum as you can hear un-biased opinions on kits from ppl that actually have and ride them on there own bikes.

In the same light as what 2-door said, ill add this as well......If this is your first build one thing alot of people dont realize is how fast 40mph actually is on a bike. These dont feel like cars or even motorcycles when doing 40mph. That kind of speed feels exteremely fast on a BICYCLE (lets not forget what we are building on) My bike which is still being broken in will reliably do 28-30 mph which actually feels alot faster than it sounds. We can all appreciate the need to go faster, but just try to keep in mind we want this hobby to move forward and have a good reputation, so safety is paramount. Oh and fun....lots of fun!
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