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Default Re: debunking myths about walmart bikes

Originally Posted by paul View Post
Again this is getting out off hand. Everyone has the right to shop wherever they like. We all have our own budget we can spend. Enough is enough. This forum is about modifying and building motorized bicycles not the good, bad and ugly about walmart. We all know we get what we pay for but we also buy what we can afford. Please lets cool it. People are getting offended that are not even responding to this thread
I have built many motorized bikes using Walmart bikes.

After wrecking a couple of wheels I decided I needed to learn how to build wheels.

The rear wheels on bikes with a freewheel are dished and the more gears the more they are dished.

The spokes are tighter on the freewheel side.

When you bolt the motor sprocket onto the spokes the dish changes because the clamping action against the spokes makes them tighter.

It's important to redish the wheel and adjust the spokes after bolting the sprocket to the spokes.

I look at the bikes at Walmart almost every time I am there.

I spin the wheels and feel the spokes.

The spokes on Walmart bikes are adjusted by a machine in most cases and are not adjusted right.

Bolting a sprocket onto a wheel with the spokes already out of adjustment will make for a weak wheel that could cause a bad wreck.

Walmart bikes need extra care with the wheels when putting a motor on one.

Some people go for extra thick spokes and heavy duty wheels.

Sorry for not being clear about this.

I was standing at the Walmart in Brandon when a lady and a little girl picked out bikes.

The little girl was rolling her bike away and the handlebars came loose.

The lady and the little girl put the bikes back. Walmart lost the sale.

I asked the manager in Brandon who was putting the bikes together.

He told me the bicycles were put together by subcontractors that use air tools to put the bikes together and they are on piece work.

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