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Default Re: Another 1st timer with a Roller

My new engine and trans.

51.7cc, 3:1 ratio before the rear sprocket, real bolts , a light crank, 12mm wrist pin, reed valve, and an aftermarket through the roof. Should be fun.

I was worried when I saw "Big Bore" kits on ebay advertising a 44mm bore. Googling showed me these are usually 40mm stock, but I just happened to get a bigger one that was already 44mm bore so it should be fine. Compression needs some work. It's 8.8:1 right now, but that can be fixed later.

Got 2 drive sprockets to fit the output on the trans ordered(so I can keep my 41 chain size). An 8t and a 10t. What'll be really cool is I can change total ratio without ever messing with the rear sprocket. Set it and forget it.
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