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Default Re: Somethin a lil different.... In progress...

Bring Ding Ding D-D-D Ding Din D-D-Dang Ding BRRRRRAAAAAAPPPPPPP!!!!!!

Well I went over everything and re tightened and re aligned again in preperation to fire, and I soon realized how easily those cheap chinese bolts (Sprocket and motor mount) strip. So I made a run to the hardware store and replaced all bolts and nuts with stronger bolts and NyLocks.....I STRONGLY RECCOMEND THAT ALL NEW BUILDERS DO THIS! Its very cheap (well under $10) and gives you much more peace of mind, and hey if your bolting it all together for the first time, then may as well do it right off the bat. Also if your just building youk kit, as many before me have said, Replace your spark plug with an NGK or Champion as the plug that came with my well as prob lots of yours too....had a cracked ground electrode (part that sets the gap) and had i not noticed this and used the plug, that would have broken off while running and who knows what damage it woulda done to my cylinder/piston.

So after much anticipation, I wheeled her outta the garage she has come to know so well this past week, and I pedaled off down the road. First try the back wheel just locked up when I dumped the cluctch....second try no fire, so I put the choke on a bit....Third try she lit up with no problem at all and ran perfectly! I now know what all of you veterans mean when you say that after all of the headaches and frustration, the first time she fires and rides makes it all woth while! So ill be working out a few lil things now and tryin to dampen some vibration but other than that, IM OFFICIALLY PART OF THE CREW NOW!!! YAHOO!
So to all that are having issues on their first build as I was, just stick with it cuz its all worth while when your cruising down the road gettin all kinds of funny me.
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