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Default Re: Delmar Cruiser Question?

Originally Posted by lmmacko View Post Men's 26'' Schwinn Delmar Cruiser with Bonus $20 eGift Card: Bikes & Riding Toys

Seen this, and bought it. This will be my first cruiser build however, and was wondering if anyone has built a motorized bicycle out of this particular model, and if so what problems if any have you had to deal with? I'm patiently awaiting Fed Ex to drop it off to my house so thought I would ask while waiting. By the way I plan on using a Grubee 66/80cc engine.
My friend had one and the frame snapped just in front of the seat down tube. He does weigh close to 200 lbs, IDK if it is a flaw with the model, or just with that particular bike. Now he has a cranbrook
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