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Default Few options .. Shift kit

Hello, currently have a Murray cruiser with a 80cc slanthead skyhawk. Saw the one custom build with a custom moutainbike frame and a goped gas tank mounted to head tube. I really want to switch my build up and use a mountain bike frame with shock front forks. Not only will this get rid of annoying 30+ mph vibrations but all mountain bikes have quick release axles, so it will be easier to transport around. I will also be putting a sbp hd shiftkit and expansion chamber.

Whats the best, cheapest bike to use? Would a walmart moutainbike bike be fine? Since the crank and front derailed will be swapped out for sbp one?

Also, the sbp kit will let me throw away the rear chain tensioner, rear sprocket assembly with Chinese kit, and one less chain to align.

Also want to use a gas tank mounted to front head tube area... Any ideas? So I can toss annoying stock tank, and rid of more stuff to break.
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