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Default Master Links

So I had read all the threads about how they suck and I have a chain breaker so I shouldn't ever need one again. But last week my chain broke off and I was one link short. I didn't have any extra links except for the master. So I figured whatever, I only want to ride it for this weekend, it'll be fine for 3 days and then I'll buy a new chain.

So I attached the master link (on the inside and with the open clip facing away from going into the engine). I started the bike up and IT RAN FOR 45 SECONDS UNTIL THE CHAIN FELL OFF. I attached it again and it fell off again. Then I decided what the **** and put duct tape around the center of the link to see if that would keep the clip on. That lasted for about 3 minutes, then the master link totally bent out of shape at 20mph and part of my chain got stuck up in the front sprocket.

STAY AWAY FROM MASTER LINKS AT ALL COSTS. A chain breaker might seem expensive at first but it will pay itself off because you won't have to keep replacing your chain.
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