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Originally Posted by steampunk View Post
venice has the better idea...the slotted technique is usually the last ditch effort or dirty way...not meaning any offense spad4me .... the ez out is the preferred method...your auto parts store should have them...1/8-1/4 stud size...if their is a better version of the ez out available...always get me its worth it
Grind the end of the stud flat if it is jagged with a Dremel
so that you can...
Center punch the stud end so your drill bit will not wander.

Drill with a small bit making sure that you are lined up all
the way through

Then drill with a larger bit, reverse the drill bit before it is
all the way through and if you are lucky the stud will back out.

There are left hand drill bits made for this but who has one? right?

Buy the square style EZ out. The spiral ones are junk especially
on the small sizes. I had a great German made set of square EZ outs.

Lightly tap the square EZ out into the hole so that it bites.

Turn carefully as EZ outs snap easily and pray to the motorized bicycle gods
as you only got one shot to get that damn stud out!
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