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Question PMB 80cc angle plug

Hi people my names Ricky ive had a 49cc zbox for awhile now and had not to much trouble with it. Ive just got a second bike allready put together but ruff so ive been slowly cleaning it up the motor is 2months old on the tax invoice it sais its a PMB 80cc kit it has the angled head spark plug but the first day i took it for a good ride it made a **** of a rattle like piston slap someone said check how many head gaskets it has it had 1 i was told it should have 3 there 1millimetre thick each ive got just 2 on there now it still has the rattle or more of a knock when it gets up to temperature but dosent loose power now and ive been told thats normal i just need to keep running it in. Got me stuffed i cant even find info on the PMB it seems to be ok but ive had a few different answers to my lil prob one outher problem is that when i start it the clucth dosent engage just slips 3rd go and just a litle twist of the gas it engages and fires strait away it has heaps of compresion thats for sure but does the clucth just need wearing in or can you adjust it or does it just sound worn out eny help will be greatly appriciated thanks
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