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Default Re: Good 26x2.125 Tires for a Good Price ?

i recommend tires with a width of under 2". I have a beach cruiser with 26 x 1.95 tires, very little vibration. my front tire is a basic kenda whitewall which i painted black. my rear tire is made by specialized and the model is hardrock'r. i paid $15 for my rear tire. my front tire i got on ebay, and i actually paid $10 a piece for 2 tires. the kenda tires were nice, and cleared the chain fine on my first MB. but on my second bike i had chain clearance issues. the hardrock'r tire cleared the chain fine. some people say the balloon tires dampen vibration and knobby tires make it worse. i actually have found less vibration with knobby tires.
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