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Default Re: debunking myths about walmart bikes

you know fellows , this thread has been on the verge of throwing punches since about the 7Th post , its apples and oranges , life is good , you can buy a $149 china girl and a $ 99 china made walmart bike and be motoring at 35 mph for less than 300 bucks with a little work and some fix it yourself....and when its stolen you can replace it easy ...

i love seeing the great custom builds you all do with the the antique USA bikes , resurrecting these classics from the scrap metal bin reminds me of the good ole days and makes me feel fuzzy and warm inside....i am 175 % USA MADE

bairdco..... dude you have outdone yourself , i just love the Tennessee orange 1952 Firestone build , it really stands out from the Herd , very nice ....

i love American made , we could always build it better than everyone else ,
the world insisted on buying American made as well , you have never heard the term ; those cheap crappy American made products and you never will ,
unfortunately hardly anything is made here anymore , and if it is , its thousands of dollars beyond reach , for me anyway ...i love the essence of American made , over built frame , too large of a motor = way too fast and really crappy gas mileage .....

God i miss the good ole days ....
i generally take the long cut home
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