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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Today I think I finally got my clutch cable installed correctly. Regardless of how much I seemed to adjust my cable to give it enough tension to disengage, it just didn't seem to work. After installing a new clutch lever(the button broke on my old one) I would pull up to a stop, grab the lever, press the button and my bike would try to walk forward. I finally replaced the cable housing which used to be a brake type with a new index derailleur cable housing. I also made sure that it was cut squarely with the use of a fiber carbide cutting tool and crimped new ends on the housing.

I also replaced the clutch cover which on my new engine that showed the horsepower and displacement with one off one of my old motors. I now have a "clean slate" as it were.

All I did this afternoon was right around the block but I think that I finally solved this particular problem.

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