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Default Re: Anyone tried this yet?

Originally Posted by TANGO View Post
Mapbike What your saying makes a Lot of sense . Now as for an aluminum Cylinder it should break in fairly Quick now the Bearings are going to need and want a bit of extra oil I would think maybe 2 Tanks full / one gallon of a Heavier Mix then that Opti 2 1.8 per gal . I am thinking of using something else just for the First Gallon

Here is another Brand ? For Break in .

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Now first thing you need to know is that the cylinder bore in these engines is a hard chromed surface so it is actually harder than the piston rings and it actually wears the rings into itself rather than the rings cutting into the cylinder wall like a none chromed cylinder does, the factory does put a light criss cross honing job on the cylinders to aid the the seating of the rings but the cylinder walls on these engines are very hard and NOT just aluminum...

Now as for the Arnolds 2 smoker oil you listed, I say thats probably a good choice for break in oil if you mix it at 32:1 and make sure the engine isn't running too lean on fuel/oil during the break in period, this isnt normally a problem being that most all of these engines come with a main jet in the carb that is a bit to big and causes them to run pretty rich.

Sounds like you are on the right track here, just make sure your fuel/oil mix is accurate and enjoy about 150 smokey 4 stroking miles and then go to the Opti 2 if you wish @ 72:1 = 1.8 oz's per gallon and then get ready for better performance and very little smoke and after that is when you may wish to start getting a few things modified like maybe a SBP Expansion Chamber Exhaust, a NGK B6HS Plug and better NGK plug boot, then if you got these parts on then it's time to start rejetting that carb and get that booger tuned up.

Things I just mentioned with the Opti 2 and a good tune job will make it seem like you got a different engine on that bike because it will really come alive if you free up the exhaust and get it tuned right for the Opti 2 after it gets a good break in period.

Best wishes on that engine and keep on asking questions, there are many fella's on here that know a lot more about these engines and tuning them than I do and most are very quick to help out......


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