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Default Re: debunking myths about walmart bikes

Most of my bikes I get for free from craigslist and freecycle, 90% of them are trashed Walmart Bikes. I have never seen a frame I was afraid to build with, because they are not high performance bikes the frames are not some light weight special alloy, just cheap steel. Heavy cheap steel is fine, I don't intend to peddle longer than it takes to start my engine. Usually one piece cranks, it is hard to screw that up, bearing usually need a little grease, and occasional a warped chain ring, but this has more to do with the bike being a freebie than shoddy manufacturing. The components are hit and miss the derailers usually work fine after some lube and adjustments, but the controls(hand brakes and shift levers) are usually shot, brakes themselves usually decent enough, but the pads are useless. The one thing I never use off these bikes is the wheels. Nothing about them inspires confidence, usually by the time I get them they are warped and the spokes are light weight, hubs never spin free even after repacking the bearing. So my conclusion is that the compenants and frame of a walmart bike work just fine for our hobby, but the wheels are less than inspiring.
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