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Default Re: Anyone tried this yet?

Originally Posted by sketchman View Post
Wow, from oil to fire ants. LOL

I can't get either Opti or Arnold where I live. One would be 2 hours drive(in a car doing 75) and the other is non-existent here AFAIK.

I was going to order it, but the cost kills it for me too. I can get traditional stuff or synthetic(and mix both as rich as I will ever need) for cheap here. It's Poulan for me, I'm afraid.
Yeah we get off topic pretty easy sometimes dont we........oh well sometime the main topic get wore out and there really isnt anything left to say about it so we end up on a rabbit trail on something completely different.....

It comes natural for me cause I'm one of those talks a lot southern country boys......if ya'll cant already tell by all my L....O....N....G.... Post all the time, I dont ever intend to make them long but most of them end up that way for some reaosn, I guess I just get started and cant seem to of my many flaws I guess......but I only do that if it is someone I like or something I'm really interested in, hum....! just so happens I really like talking about these MB's

Opti 2 in a packet that makes 1 gal cost me $1.79 + tax here and it wouldnt cost much to ship several packets USPS First class maybe a couple bucks so if you ever wont to try it just give me a hollar and we can arrange for me to get maybe like 5 packets and mail them to ya if you want, I'll just figure up the total cost and that will be all you will have to pay, it would cost roughly $11 for enough oil to make up 5 gallons this would include shipping if the package isnt over 13oz's total weight.

I couldnt do this for everyone on here or nothing like that, but you are the only one that has responded saying you cant get Opti 2 or the Arnolds oil so I would be willing to do this for you if you ever wanted to try the Opti 2 or the Arnolds oil, not sure what the price of the Arnolds is coul dbe the same or could be slightly more, I dont remember.

This offer is for you sketchman so just let me know if you ever want to try some and we'll see if we can make this happen and get you some to try out.

I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!
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