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Default Re: another old Noob checking in.

Easy Rider made me think pretty hard about where I ride. I'm quite a ways out into the county. Blacktop roads with (Uneven?) shoulders. Meaning if you were being passed by a car, you might stop, rather than tippy-toe down the edge of that road.

We have some Un-even pavment which will vault a Hay Roller a foot off the ground.

So I'd be out riding around on those roads for awhile till I got used to this thing.
When we speak of speeds, and fuel usage, I really dont know how I'd feel if I went for an hour's ride, at 20 Max and pokey while I'm looking at other people's money, I would not expect to run out of gas.

Tires are a strange topic. My old Schwinn never had flat tires etc. My little brother had a Columbia with no tire trouble either.
But my Grandchiillin dont have one good tire between the Six of them.

I'm still not too Convinced I want to do this. But it sure seems like a handy thing to the Store n' back!
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