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Default Re: Motorbicycle commuter

Here is a picture of my bike before the reconfigure:

Here is a video tour:
YouTube - Motorized bicycle commuter version 1.3

Significant differences from the kit are:

* Custom PVC gas tank
* Silicon Tubing Exhaust with lawnmower muffler and 'Red bull' extension. The extension contains a copper tube with numerous holes drilled into it and is packed with fiberglass.
* Custom 12 volt LED headlight and taillight system.
It consists of a:
MR16 style LED light in homemade housing.
LED taillight intended for trailers on rear.
12v 9Ah AGM Lead Acid battery
Automotive style cigerette lighter for phone charger and other accessories. (will also allow for charger)
"Medium Duty" 2-post switch with dust cover
* Blue plastic toolbox mounted to front of frame for housing tools and battery electrical system.
* Aluminum rear rack
* Expanding Bell basket for carrying things.
* A fisherman's accessory bag from walmart (had two velco loops that allowed for attaching to bars)

Since then I've put a different motor on it....
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