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Default Parts???

I looked over the forum for a while and maybe just missed this so here I go.
Purchased a 80cc engine. No information at all on installation so winged it. Got it running three times. First time flew over the handlebars and the 2nd time broke the chain and the third time I broke what I believe is the flower nut or star not that holds the clutch pressure plate. Now I need that star nut to get bike back up and running and emailed kings and they said they would call. Then I called them back and left messages and still have not heard back from them. Can someone point me to a website that sells parts for this motor? I went to thatsdax and a few others and they do not show this particular part. Would like one place where I can get all the parts I need so if I get this bike running right I can keep it running. Figured out from a post on this forum that I needed to set the clutch so it doesn't press against the clutch cover which is why the nut broke.

Thanks in advance.
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