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Default Re: Bike Fell over

What kind of motor?
Presuming a Chinese 2 stroke check your motor mounting bolts to
see if they are loose or bent.
Are you hard mounted or using rubber?

Is the exhaust moving around? Do you have a strap supporting the exhaust?

Put your foot on it when it's idling to see if the vibrations go away.
I do the same when I am riding on a street with no traffic, be careful...

I doubt your piston theory. Any visible damage? What hit the ground?
Start the motor with all the covers off to see if something moved??

God Bless you too.
Originally Posted by cloud View Post
Well I was at brothers house my Bike was standing with kickstand and the wind caught it and it went over and hit the ground.

The motor is now vibrating bad when riving it up and when riding it.
it still starts good and idles good but it does vibrate more when idling also.

I thk it could be maybe the part of the engine that the piston is housed in, maybe it moved off center a bit and the piston is hitting it or something.

Im not sure really what it is, I have still yet to take it apart, does anyone have any suggestions or have had this same prob let me know.

God Bless

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